Our Approach to Medical Care

Since 1993, Dr. Jennifer O'Neill has helped thousands of women prevent, detect, and ultimately overcome breast cancer and other diseases of the breast. In 2005, Dr. O'Neill founded Arizona Breast Consultants as a platform to provide outstanding breast care to women throughout Arizona and the nation.

Delivering personalized, high quality care is our priority and built on the following principles:

Patient-Centered Care

We take the extra time with you so that you understand the treatment process and have a say in every decision.

Delivering a Cutting-Edge Standard of Care

Dr. O'Neill specializes exclusively in breast diseases and attends numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars each year to provide you with the most current standard of breast care.

Part of Good Care is Accessibility

We believe that part of a good doctor-patient relationship is being able to meet with your doctor when necessary. We make every effort to accommodate your appointment requests in a timely fashion.